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2022-2023 FDHS Handbook:

Required Materials:

  • Instrument and bow in excellent playing condition
    • Please contact the Director before making any instrument purchases or rentals.
  • Rosin and cleaning cloth
  • Rock Stop (cellos and basses)
  • Shoulder Rest (violins and violas)
  • Three-Ringed Binder with 8 page dividers (this binder may not be shared with other subjects)
  • Clip-on Tuner

Concert Attire:

All students will need to purchase concert attire, which will be used every school year.

Option 1: $55 Concert Dress

Option 2: $55 Tux pants, Tux Shirt, Cummerbund, Bow Tie. A Tux jacket will be provided by FDHS orchestra as a rental for the year (included in the cost).

In addition, students must have black dress shoes.

Class Fee:

There is a $25/semester class fee that helps provide funding for KMEA registrations, purchase of music and method books, and items for the classroom.

What to look for when choosing an instrument for rental or purchase:

  • Size: String instruments come in various sizes. Students must be measured for the proper size instrument. You should not purchase an instrument that is less than “full-sized” as your child will grow out of it. If you rent an instrument, you will be able to trade instrument sizes as your child grows without an additional fee. A student should not play on an instrument too large for them; this will cause physical injuries, as well as difficulty learning the instrument.
  • Color: Though colored instruments are fun, they are typically made of plastic or are coated with excess layers of paint/lacquer that diminishes the tone of the instrument. Stick with instruments that are made of natural wood, and are stained/lacquered naturally. Rock stops, shoulder rests, bows and bow hair come in different colors, and are a great way to add individuality to the instrument.
  • Bows made of fiberglass or carbon fiber are recommended for middle school students. Do not be lured in by the “wood bows,” as they can warp and/or break easier than the “cheaper” carbon fiber bows.
  • On-Line Purchases: If purchasing an instrument on-line, stick with websites that offer a refund and/or exchange policy if you are not happy with the quality of the instrument. Please see the recommended on-line retailer list before purchasing an instrument.
  • As always, please be sure to contact your teacher before making any purchases, no matter how small they are. A quality instrument (including bow, rock stop and shoulder rest) is essential for a students musical growth.


The FDHS orchestra relies on support from the community to purchase new music and materials in addition to paying participation fees and transportation for KMEA Assessment. The FDHS orchestra does not believe in “door-to-door” fundraising of products, but instead relies on donations and sponsorship.

More information about our sponsorship program can be found on our Sponsorship page.

FDHS Instrument Rentals:

FDHS currently has some instruments to rent during the school year for a $25 fee. Priority will be given to students on free/reduced lunch; it is highly recommended that students begin to purchase an advanced level instrument in high school.

Practice tips and tricks:

Questions to ask to help your child practice more efficiently.