Student Resources

Recommended iPad/iPod Apps:

Cleartune – Tuner

TonalEnergy Tuner – Tuner (Smiley face when in Tune!)

n-Track Tuner – Free Tuner

Metronome – Free Metronome

Staff Wars – Note learning game

Note Perfect – Free Note learning game

Rhythm Cat – Free Rhythm Reading Game

My Note Games – Free Multiple Music Games

Rhythm Training – Free Rhythm Training

Music Theory Lessons

Tenuto – Music Theory Exercises

Music Dictionary

Music Dictionary – Less expensive

Musical Terms – Free

Sheet Music Direct – Free Sheet Music

Don’t have an iPad/iPod/iPhone? No problem!

Music Games for PC or Mac:

Staff Wars and More

Speed Note Reader – Treble Clef Only

Name that Note – Treble and Bass Clef Only

Classics for Kids – Multiple games

Music Tech – Multiple games

Music Racer 

Whack a Note – Treble Clef Only