End of August

Congrats on a great first few weeks! Each ensemble is working very hard and have had a very successful start to their concert pieces for the October concert. Upcoming in September:

  1. Mentoring begins on September 5th at EJ Hayes, and September 12th at Crawford.
  2. Private lessons will begin the first week of September.
  3. The North Star Orchestra will have their first rehearsal on September 6th after-school.
  4. All-State registration forms are due September 6th.
  5. Dr. Jasinski and Dr. Darville from EKU will be working with the Concert Orchestra on September 6th.
  6. Concert attire sizes are due September 13th.
  7. Solo and Ensemble Registration is due September 30th.

Please continue bringing in Sponsorship forms. All Sponsorships received prior to the first concert will be included in the October concert program.

Keep up the good work!

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