Congrats to everyone who performed at Solo & Ensemble today! We had a total of 20 Distinguished and 4 Proficient Ratings!! Congrats to all!!!
J.J., Mason & Mackenna – Distinguished Trio
Alexis L. – Distinguished Solo
Deen – Proficient Solo
Adrianna S. – Distinguished Solo
Taylor B. – Distinguished Solo (Perfect Score!)
Liza D. – Distinguished Solo
Prakriti, Blake & Prosperity – Distinguished Trio (Perfect Score!)
Liza and Annika – Distinguished Duet (Perfect Score!)
Lawson H. – Distinguished Solo
Tate & Eli – Proficient Duet
Kylie – Proficient Solo
Alexis, Ethan, Navin & Lawson – Distinguished Quartet (Perfect Score!)
Logan, Blake & Ali – Distinguished Trio (Perfect Score!)
Elizabeth & Maddie – Distinguished Duet (Perfect Score!)
Alex & Naya – Distinguished Duet
Evanna – Proficient Solo
Prakriti & Priti – Distinguished Duet
Jacob, Irv & Jordan – Distinguished Trio
Braden, Ali & Keyshawn – Distinguished Trio
Annika – Distinguished Solo (Perfect Score!)
Phocheng – Distinguished Solo
Olivia & Julianne – Distinguished Duet (Perfect Score!)
Emma – Distinguished Solo
Mozart Ensemble – Proficient Ensemble

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