January Updates

  1. Mentoring will continue every Thursday at Crawford MS and Hayes MS. Please click here for the schedule. New mentors are welcome to join.
  2. North Star Orchestra (AKA Fiddle Club) will continue every Friday after-school until 5:00pm. New members are welcome to join: schedule
  3. Changes to schedules:
    1. NO mentoring January 30th
    2. YES mentoring February 20th
    3. Fiddle Club will end early 1/10 at 4:30pm
  4. Make sure you have the following dates marked in your calendars!
    1. Assessment Preview Concert, Thursday March 12th
    2. Assessment Wednesday, March 18th (Concert & Symphonic Orchestra during school; Chamber Orchestra after-school)
  5. Shirts are available for purchase! $14 – add $1 ($15 total) for a decal!