Concert Reminder

Good Afternoon,

This is a reminder that our first orchestra concert is tomorrow!

Attached is a parking, entrance and seating map. Please remember tomorrows concert is in the main gymnasium. Please be aware other events are taking place at FDHS tomorrow night, so parking may be limited. 

Please remember all audience members school aged or older must wear masks. Families should maintain social distancing in the audience. Masks must remain on while inside the building. 

Our concert program will be digital and can be found on our orchestra page:; we will have a QR code you may scan when entering the building to access the program as well.

3:15-4:00pm: Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra students report to orchestra room/Set-up Gym/Change into uniforms

4:15pm: Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra students move to Gymnasium (leave cases and personal belonging in lockers/orchestra room); Orchestra room will be LOCKED until the end of the concert.

4:30pm: Middle School students will arrive. Students will be seated “next” to a high school student but will have their own stand and will be 3-4 feet apart.

5-6pm: Rehearsal in Gymnasium (Symphonic, Chamber and Middle Schools); Concert Orchestra arrives dressed; report directly to the Gymnasium and put cases to the side of the gym. Sit in the stands upon arrival – please do not disrupt the rehearsal. 

6-6:30pm: Outside Pizza Party for students (weather pending; in cafe if raining – will keep school groups together and not mix groups)

6:45pm: Students In seats (we’ll have the ensembles taped/marked off in the stands, so we don’t mix schools/groups)

7:00pm: Performance begins

Students must stay for the entire performance. 

Students must remember to bring their instruments, music, and all parts of their uniform!

Boys: Tux Pants, Tux Shirt, Bow Tie, Cummerbund, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes

Girls: Concert Dress, nude/black tights (optional), black dress shoes

We will provide a disposable black mask for all students; students may wear their own black mask if they choose. 

Thank you to all parents who have donated food/drinks for the students! Please remember to drop them off at the FDHS main office tomorrow morning. 

I will be contacting you individually if you volunteered with set-up or clean-up.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening!

Mrs. Payne

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