November Updates

There are quite a few events going on this month, so please read thoroughly.
1) If you received a letter from FDHS in regards to a missing orchestra fee, but you have paid, please disregard.
2) Mentoring this month will take place on the 7th at Hayes and the 14th at Crawford. There will be no mentoring on the 21st and 28th.
3) Fiddle Club has one final rehearsal this Friday, November 8th until 5pm. We will also meet on November 22nd in preparation for our December performance. There will not be Fiddle Club on November 15th. Any student who wishes to become a new Fiddle Club member for our December performance must attend the November 22nd rehearsal.
4) Fiddle Club and CGWA 6-8th grade will have their Veterans Day performance on Monday, November 11th. The students should arrive by 6pm; the concert begins at 6:30pm. Students are to wear “dress” attire (i.e. dress pants, button up shirts, dresses, etc.) within school dress code. Any student not in fiddle club may attend the performance for extra credit.
5) All-State Auditions are on Saturday, November 16th at Woodford County Middle School. Students have received their audition times. Students should arrive 15-30 minutes early to tune, warm-up, and find your audition room.
6) All students participating in Solo and Ensemble are required to perform at our S&E Recital night on Thursday, November 21st. Students should arrive by 6pm; the performance begins at 6:30pm. Students are to wear “dress” attire (i.e. dress pants, button up shirts, dresses, etc.) within school dress code. Any student not participating in Solo and Ensemble may attend the performance for extra credit.
7) Solo & Ensemble is Saturday, November 23rd at Bryan Station High School. Students will receive their times this week.
Items due:
November 8th: Fiddle Club Permission Slips for Veterans Hospital Performance
November 11th: Shirt & Decal Order forms (copy attached)
November 11th: Accessories Order forms (copy attached)
December 10th: Playing Tests to Google Classroom
Looking ahead:
December 12th: Concert (students will stay after-school for this concert; concert begins at 6:30pm)
December 14th: Fiddle Club Performance (10am location TBA; 2pm Liberty Ridge Senior Living Facility)

End of September Reminders

  1. Solo and Ensemble Permission Slips and Fees are due Wednesday, October 2nd
  2. Playing Tests are due to Google Classroom by Monday, October 7th
  3. Our first concert is Thursday, October 10th
    1. Students arrive dressed between 5:30-6pm
    2. Girls: Black Dress (provided), black dress shoes, nude/black tights optional
    3. Boys: Black tux pants, white tux shirt, bow-tie, cummberbund, black dress shoes, black socks; jacket will be provided at the concert and must be returned at the end of the concert.
    4. Performance begins at 6:30pm
    5. Students are required to attend the entire concert

End of August

Congrats on a great first few weeks! Each ensemble is working very hard and have had a very successful start to their concert pieces for the October concert. Upcoming in September:

  1. Mentoring begins on September 5th at EJ Hayes, and September 12th at Crawford.
  2. Private lessons will begin the first week of September.
  3. The North Star Orchestra will have their first rehearsal on September 6th after-school.
  4. All-State registration forms are due September 6th.
  5. Dr. Jasinski and Dr. Darville from EKU will be working with the Concert Orchestra on September 6th.
  6. Concert attire sizes are due September 13th.
  7. Solo and Ensemble Registration is due September 30th.

Please continue bringing in Sponsorship forms. All Sponsorships received prior to the first concert will be included in the October concert program.

Keep up the good work!

First few days

Students should have brought home information regarding the following:

  1. FDHS Orchestra Handbook
    1. Return Participation Contract with $25 class fee
    2. If you need to purchase a uniform, include $55 with the class fee
    3. A copy of the Handbook is available for download under “parent resources”
  2. Rental Contracts (for students using FDHS instruments)
    1. Return with $25 Rental Fee
  3. Remind 101 sign-up information
  4. Sign-up information for:
    1. Private Lessons
    2. Mentoring
    3. North Star Orchestra (AKA Fiddle Club)

Please return the above forms with the associated fees by the end of the month.

Chair Auditions are due to Google Classroom August 22nd.

7/25/19 Updates

Hello FDHS Orchestra members and families!

I am excited to start the new year, and look forward to meeting all of you. We will have a meet and greet on Friday, August 9th 6pm at Jacobson Park Shelter #2. Please use the RSVP form below; a main dish will be provided, we just ask each family to please bring a drink, side-dish or dessert.

If you have not already, please “like” our Facebook page for up to date information. Students should join our Google Classroom (contact me if you need help with this) to find information such as chair/part auditions.

Please continue read through our website for information about the new Hayes and Crawford mentoring program, our new North Star Orchestra (aka “Fiddle Club”), Concert dates, required materials, All-State auditions, our new private lesson program, and our sponsorship program.


The FDHS Orchestra would not be possible without support of our parents. We will be starting a non-booster parent organization to help with uniforms, chaperoning, etc. If you are interested in being part of this organization, please complete the form below.

Thank you so much for reading through this important information. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. I currently do not have a phone at FDHS, but you may contact me through e-mail or our Facebook page.



For those of you whom I have not met or spoken to yet, my name is Sarah Payne and I will be the new orchestra director at FDHS. I have worked at Bryan Station MS since 2011, and have also met many of you as the District 7 MS Honors Orchestra Chair, KMEA All-State Chair, and Viola instructor and Conductor at the EKU Foster Music Camp. Prior to working in Lexington, I worked at Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis from 2006-2010, so I am very excited to be returning to high school.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and invite you and your families to attend a meet-and-greet picnic at Jacobson Park on Friday, August 9th at 6pm, Shelter #2. I will send a RSVP in July; if you are not sure whether you are going to be in orchestra next year or not, please come anyway!A FDHS Google Classroom has already been created, and the students have received an invite to their school e-mail accounts. Please visit the page, and fill out the “get to know you” survey.I have a lot of exciting concerts and events planned for the FDHS orchestra, and am looking forward to a very exciting school year as we build the program!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with all of you, and hope that everyone has a safe and restful summer!